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Shooby Taylor
The Human Horn

(b) September 19, 1929 - June 4, 2003 (d)

 I discovered the genius of Shooby Taylor, thanks to legendary drummer & good friend, the late great Mike Smith.    After enduring one too many of my experiments with some tunes for my hypothetical upcoming "Major Holley & Slam Stewart Sing the K-Tel Songbook" concept project (which was tol be released exclusively on 8 track), Mike presented me with a tape to check out.  On this tape were four tracks of Shooby.  Without thinking, I put the tape on while driving home from a late gig, and I was so overcome with emotion that I had to pull to the side of the road!

Here's a transcript of his highly stylized scatting on

"Stout Hearted Men"

Transcribed by Phil S.   Thanks Phil !
edited by Max Murray

Click here  to listen, and follow along - - - if you can

Whee, shoo soo sah, shoo soo swah, shoo voo plah, doo doo rah, doo doo sah, doo doo rah
(Soo-da-li-twee-daht, soo-da-li-doo-ton-plee-blah)

Dwee, dah dah shrah, plah plah sah, dah dah rah, plav da shree, loh ku pah, dav du sah!
(Soo-da-li dwee-daht, soo-da-li doo-ton plah-blah)

Ray, shah-dah-hah, shah-plah-vrah, sah-vlah-sah, shah-plah-rah, sah-vlah-nah, shah-vlah-hah
Soo-day-li doom-bop, doo-dwee-bee-oo-ton-dwee-bee

Bim, soo-dee-lee dee-dah-lah-bay oo-dayt, dayt, dwee-bay-doo
Shrah, soo, shah, nah, rah, sah, pah, dah, hah
Soo-duh-lay dee daht, soo-duh-lay doh-ton twee-bop

Bim, soo-di-lee dee-buh-lah-bay diddle-ay doat-und vee-bah
Bim, doodle-ay deedle-lah-bay, soodle-ay doo-dah-laht-nn
Dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la, dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la
Bim, doo-bah-lah-odel-doo-bah-lah-bah-doo-buh-luh-buh-doo-bah-lah-bah

Bim, zhoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee, dah
Soo doo-zhoo-lah doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy!
Soo shoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bah

Bih-mm doo-goo-lah ööh-ay-nn doodle-ay hooh-ay-nn doo-goo-lah ööh-ay-nn doo-doo-ay
Bih-nn doo-goo-lah ööh-ay-nn doo-goo-lah dooh-ay-nn doo-goo-lay oon-da-da-duh

Ooh oopy poopy, poppy poppy, poppy poppy da shra! Poppy da rah! Soo doo-ba-lay doo-dah!
Bim, soo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee doo drah!
Dah dah dah sah, buh doo hah rah!
Hah, hah, hawh, haw! Saw, ha, raw, haw!
Do-o-oh, ho, ho droh, foo-dah-lay-pah
Bim, soo-da-lee dee-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bay doo-ton
Dway, zhoo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Dun, zhoo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Hoppy poppy poppy poppy doppy doppy dop shra!

Bim, shoo-di-lah deedle-ah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Bim soo-da-li duh-dah-lah-shree, soo-duh-lay doo-goo-lah-bay
Oodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee, dum shoo-doo shrah-dah,
Bim duh doh doh doh doh duh doh, bay-ton-doh-bul-ah-oodly-shoo-doo-lay!

(organ break)

Dim, zoo-duh-lay doo-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee oo-ton
Dwen zhoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Zschrun, zhoo-duh-lay doo-goo-lah-bah doodle-ay doat-un doh-bay
Peepy, poppy, peepy, poppy, doppy dop-ah foo-di-ah bah

Bim, zoo-duh-lay dee-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Skim, soo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Vwin, shoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay oodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Dopey dopey dopey dopey diddla-doo schpla-a-a-a-ah!

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